Still Others: To Walk Alongside

Still Others: To Walk Alongside

Wherever there is hardship or injustice... What does this look like in 21st century Australia? What are the implications for The Salvation Army and those we work alongside?

Thursday evening’s session of Still Others featured a discussion panel, a response from The Salvation Army’s World Leader, General Brian Peddle, and a challenge to Salvationists and friends from our National Commander, Commissioner Floyd Tidd.

The panel conversation provided an opportunity to explore some of the many ways Australians experience hardship and injustice, featuring;
- International President of Women's Ministries Commissioner Rosalie Peddle
- Local councillor and housing advocate Sam Hearn
- Human rights lawyer and Aboriginal activist Megan Davis
- Collingwood Football Club community director David Emerson
- And hosted by television and radio journalist Nick McCallum

Our guest panelists shared wisdom from their own community and sphere of influence, highlighting the places in which they are seeking to battle adversity.

How can we, The Salvation Army, better partner with Australians everywhere? We desire to see collaborative partnerships that stir up hope and make a real difference in our society, and this session sought to explore real ways of pursuing this ideal.

Key themes: Hardship, injustice, partnership, community, society, vision