Still Others Salvo Expo - Promotional Spot

Still Others Salvo Expo - Promotional Spot

From Friday through to Sunday of Still Others an Expo will be held highlighting the rich diversity of various mission expressions in The Salvation Army across Australia.

The Expo will be a great part of the overall Still Others event. It will be an exciting hub of exploration, discovery and learning, relevant to all people of all ages. As well as being a source of great inspiration and motivation, the Expo will also provide a meeting point where delegates can engage and interact with each other.

It will provide an engaging space for all attendees to feel connected, supported and resourced, while promoting multiple ministries and support resources that will enable everyone to return to their local area better equipped for the mission of The Salvation Army.

This Expo will create a wonderful sense of atmosphere, excitement and anticipation for other events that people will also attend. Make sure you come and check it out.

There will be a number of scheduled events on two separate stages which will include performances, demonstrations, talks and book launches. Be sure to get a program for all that is happening on the stages. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and enjoy the buzz of the Expo!

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