Planned Giving ::: Generous Living

Planned Giving ::: Generous Living

For the first week of 'Generous Living', we hear from National Commander, Commissioner Floyd Tidd about why giving is such an important part of the life of a Christian, and vital to the continuing mission of The Salvation Army in Australia.

For this week of 'Generous Living', we talk to musical theatre star Silvie Paladino about her life, ministries and dedicating her talents to God.

For this week of 'Generous Living', we talk to two young Salvos about their experience of giving and why it is an important spirital discipline.

For this week of 'Generous Living', we look at a range of different ministries and how the money you give to the church can be used to impact the community.

For the last week of 'Generous Living', we reflect on the words of Jesus, calling us to have faith in God and trust in His provision. This piece is especially designed for use during your Pledge Sunday alter service.

Key themes; Giving, tithing, generousity, church, faith, trust, ministry, mission

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Week 1 - Generous Living: MP4 / WMV
Week 2 - Honour God: MP4 / WMV
Week 3 - Give Freely: MP4 / WMV
Week 4 - Enable Ministry: MP4 / WMV
Week 5 - I Tell You: MP4 / WMV