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Please note that due to recent changes in Australian copyright licensing, we are now able to leave live streams up for playback after most events. Availability of live streams is at the discretion of event producers, and downloading of content is not permitted.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 28 Nov - 7:30pm AEDT - Our Purpose Together

Thursday 29 Nov - 7:30pm AEDT - To Walk Alongside

Friday 30 Nov - 7:30pm AEDT - Together: Celebrating as One

Saturday 1 Dec - 10:30am AEDT - Coffee with the General

Saturday 1 Dec - 2:30pm & 7:30pm AEDT - Our Christmas Gift

Sunday 2 Dec - 10:30am & 2:30pm AEDT - Commissioning of the Messengers


Thinking about streaming an event in your home or faith community?
Check out this basic how-to guide.


Technical Requirements

To ensure the best quality webstream with our service, Salvo Studios highly recommends the following as minimum technical requirements;

- An internet connection with at least a 5mbps download connection.
- Cable internet as opposed to a wireless connection.
- Use of headphones or external speakers.
- The latest version of Flash player.
- Refrain from leaving other programs open, which use up computer processor power or your internet connection (including other webpages).
- It should be possible to view live streaming on mobile devices, either on the event page or via the app, however performance is obviously dependant your device's operating system and its internet connection.

Salvo Studios endeavours to provide the best possible service. To this end, where possible, we play back the webstream as any other viewer would to monitor the stream.

Joining the Conversation

Salvo Studios invites viewers to become a part of the conversation during the live stream via the chat window. However, we ask that viewers adhere to a few simple rules while using the chat service:

- Please ensure that you log in using your Facebook account, or by using your real name as a guest login. Salvo Studios administrators will not respond to queries from anonymous users.
- Please refrain from profanity, abusive or prejudicial comments, trolling or unacceptable conduct while on the chat. Violators will be banned by the chat administrator.
- Please refrain from unconstructive criticism of the performers, presenters and others appearing on the live stream. They have worked hard on what they are presenting and deserve respect.
- Salvo Studios will endeavour to address any technical questions that are directed to us during the chat. Please be patient as it is not always possible to diagnose or correct technical issues without being at the viewer's location.