Salvo Studios

Salvo Studios is the media production team of The Salvation Army locate in Sydney and Melbourne. We are dedicated to providing Salvation Army churches and services with professional media content that is engaging, challenging and relevant to contemporary culture.

Our team creates a wide range of short films, promotional videos, music, live streaming and other Christian resources to impact people’s lives. Our resources are free for use in church services and programs, social services, chaplaincy settings and for personal engagement with God.

Salvo Studios fully embraces the mission of The Salvation Army in Australia. The Salvation Army is a Christian movement, dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus by;


Creating Faith Pathways

Through narrative, instruction and spiritual content, we help people deepen their relationship with God, expanding ways of thinking about and experiencing faith in the context of their lives.

Working for Justice

Through our content, we aim to bring to light social issues and questions of justice, inspiring people to action and supporting the work of those who seek change.

Caring for People

By engaging culture, we enable people to connect with each other, opening people to the stories of others and aiding in the creation of a caring community.

Building Healtly Communities

By sharing the stories and ideas with one another, seek to foster mutual understanding and empathy between people. When we all seek to understand each other's stories, a more unified community is formed.

Production Services

Media is an effective way to promote events, highlight services and communicate with the public. Salvo Studios offers a range of professional production services, including video production, audio recording and photography. These services are available to Salvation Army departments, corps and social services. Fees do apply for production services but you'll find our rates very reasonable for the quality of production.

Feel free to contact us through this website to find out how we can help you.